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A Healer’s Guide For Soul Cleansing: Removing Negative Energies and Entities, Earthbound and Extraterrestrial

A Healer's Guide For Soul Cleansing by Eva Marquez


Dear Healer,

Throughout my healing practice, I have encountered plenty of people that have suffered from various sorts of blockages caused by negative energies. This Healer’s Guide is a product of three years of learning from my Guides—the Lights of the Universe about all sorts of negative energies. With their help and guidance I was able to learn and fine-tune the techniques of how to free the soul, remove blockages and take the power back in order to live a happy life, and now I excited to share this with you. In this Healer’s Guide you will not only find the information about negative energies, but also detailed, step by step instructions on how to remove these energies and how to restore your original energy.

There are two basic kinds of negative energy, neither of which serves in a positive way:

Low Vibration Energy
Intelligent Negative Energy

Negative energy makes you feel angry, depressed, confused, sad, hateful, greedy, manipulative, judgmental, fearful and jealous. It fills you with low self-esteem and leads you into addictions and self-destructive behavior. It makes you feel miserable most of the time. It will also lead to many mental and health issues, such as depressions and anxiety, and will possibly grow into more serious physical illnesses. Left untreated, it will cause unbalance to your whole being. The direct effect of this energy is that it holds you back. Consequently, it holds your soul back. You literally become its slave. It does not want you to progress and shine your light—the light that we all possess but not all of us know how to control. The less you progress, the easier you are to control and less likely that you will be able to help others. It also creates situations so that you will be unhappy and isolated from others because it wants to have you and your energy all to itself. Negative energy is a parasite and will feed off your fears. It is detrimental to your mental and physical health.

If you feel drawn to this book then this is what you will learn about:

Different kinds of negative energy and how to detect/remove it (with detailed step by step Cleansing Manual)

Energy protection for yourself and others

How to repair extensive damage that was caused by negative energy

How to heal your own or another’s soul, mind, body and spirit

You will also learn about sources of intelligent negative energy and low vibration energy:

Spiritual implants (mechanical implants/parasites of non-human nature, extraterrestrial negative intelligent energy)

Psychic implants (attached entities and spirits that have not crossed over to the other side)

Abduction by negative extraterrestrials

Past lives (unresolved past lives issues, emotional attachments, and vows from past lives)

Negative energy from curses and ill wishes

All information, energy exercises and Cleansing Steps that are provided, were written in a way that you can easily understand, so long as you have some knowledge of energy work.

When I initially embarked on my spiritual journey, my funds were extremely limited, and I could not afford any expensive training. I therefore learned much from books and my Guides (This is why I am offering my knowledge in this book to everyone who feels drawn to it. I want you to understand that I am different for a reason and so are you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to this world and believing in yourself!

Love and Light from my heart to yours,


This eBook is available in Kindle version on Amazon.

To purchase this eBook please go to: https://www.amazon.com/Healers-Guide-Soul-Cleansing-Extraterrestrial-ebook/dp/B01H63EQN0/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

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