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A Starseed Guide Centaurus, Epsilone Erinadi and Lyra: Piece Of A Puzzle To Atlantis

A Starseed Guide Centaurus, Epsilone Erinadi and Lyra by Eva Marquez


Lyrans are the oldest beings who contributed to the Earth’s population and growth. They are grandfathers of the science of DNA and creators of hybrids (merging the DNA of beings from various star nations). They have strong and determined personalities like elders who have experienced everything. Centaurians are younger compared to Lyrans. When Lyrans migrated to Centaurus they assisted in their development. They are bright, with sweet, comforting, and compassionate personalities like young warriors, optimistic that they can fix any problems. Epsilonians are like the glue between those two. They are a pod that holds two peas together. They are master mediators and are also currently closer to our Earth and can easily function in the fifth dimension like Arcturians, which is challenging for Lyrans and Centaurians. Since Lyrans and Centaurians have the most experience in merging DNA and genetic experiments they want us to understand fully what had happened. Naturally, there have been nasty setbacks and not everything went as planned. But instead of leaving us alone they keep reincarnating on Earth to assist in healing of the past so we can move forward in our future. Epsilonians bring logic of the heart, and similar to Pleiadians healing to the soul. Similar to Andromedians, Centaurians work with healing energies of the physical body. Lyrans have access to ancient records and knowledge of forgotten times similar to Sirians.

In this book you will embark on a journey to learn more about these star nations, their home world, special places, and their unique abilities. You will also learn about the characteristics of starseeds that have incarnated on Earth from these star nations. Are you one of them? Do you carry their ancestral DNA?

While you read about these star nations you will automatically connect with them. You may consciously ask to be DNA attuned to their energy. If they are your original ancestors, you may experience sudden memories while reading, and your spiritual DNA will be activated. If they are just your galactic neighbors, then you can receive their energy imprint. You will be attuned to the energy that will assist you in the highest possible way in your current life here on Earth. Enjoy!

This eBook is available in Kindle version on Amazon.

To purchase this eBook please go to: https://www.amazon.com/Starseed-Guide-Centaurus-Epsilone-Erinadi-ebook/dp/B01N5RXOP6/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

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