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Implant Removal and Cleansing with the Language of Light

  • City: Hanahan
  • State: South Carolina
  • Country: United States
  • Zip/Postal Code: 29410
  • Website: https://www.EvaMarquez.org
  • Listed: February 12, 2018 5:15 pm
  • Expires: 81 days, 22 hours
Eva Marquez Implant Removal and Cleansing with the Language of Light


Implant Removal and Cleansing with the Language of Light

This implant removal cleansing procedure was channeled by Eva Marquez and her guides (her spiritual medic team) to assist starseeds/lightworkers to remove spiritual implants, blockages, and negative energy that prevent them from successfully carrying on their life mission.

The Implant Removal and Cleansing Procedure is designed for Starseeds/Lightworkers to free their soul and take their energy back. If you feel you are the victim of negative energy – (please look at the list of negative sources below) – that linger with you usually for more than one lifetime, or intelligent negative energy (negative ET’s) this system will assist you in taking the next step to restore your original blue print.

You will be required to consciously participate in your cleansing (staying positive, meditate, doing energy work, etc.) and make changes in your life to reinforce this work. Cleansing negative intelligent energy requires a lot of energy and preparation and Rev. Eva asks that it is taken seriously. You have to want to make your life better and be ready for changes. Not all of them come easy, but with the proper guidance you can overcome anything and be the one you came here to be!

Price – $180 (3 days broken into 1 hour sessions for a total of 3 hours): Day 1: You will receive 1 consultation – reading to determine what holds you back, Day 2: 1 implant removal cleansing session, Day 3: 1 follow up energy healing session, plus tips and free meditation to keep your energy strong and pure.

Note: If you have a negative intelligence implant (galactic origin) or have been abducted by negative ET’s you may need follow up sessions to further restore your energy system and teach your body to hold positive energy within. This kind of negative energy is viscous and leaves a huge void. Follow up sessions are $35 per hour.

Sources of Negative Energy:

Spiritual Implants

~ Mechanical Implants – parasites of non-human nature implants – non-human parasites are negative intelligent energy. Their origin is out of this world, the Earth world. Starseeds/Lightworkers are most likely be affected by them. They feed off the body energy system and can camouflage themselves, become transparent, thus they are difficult to detect. Unless you are experienced in detecting implants you may be easily fooled…All non-human parasites affect spiritual, mental and physical body. Their purpose is to control you, stagnate you and literary block you from embracing your starseed/lightworker ability so you could fail in your Earth mission.

~ Psychic Implants – attached entities, entities and spirits who did not cross to the other side.

Extraterrestrial (ET) abductions

~ Influence, attachments, controlling implants and devices, gray implants, releasing trauma from the soul

Past Lives

~ Unresolved past lives issues which may create mysterious illnesses in current lifetime
~ Emotional attachments
~ Wows from past lives that manifested as blockages in present life

Negative Energy

~ Curses
~ Ill wishes
~ Energy connected to illnesses that originate from emotional plane

Negative Karmic Energy Negotiation

~ Negative karmic energy that comes from negative things you have done in past lives. If you experience this kind of negative energy it may create karmic imbalance that in turn create blockages in your present life.

How do you know you are a victim of negative energy?

Negative energy makes you feel miserable most of the time, makes you feel unworthy and may possibly lead to many health issues, depressions, anxiety, and chronic illnesses. It brings unbalance to your whole being.

Negative energy makes you feel angry, depressed, confused, sad, hateful, greedy, manipulative, judgmental, fearful, with low self-esteem, addicted, jealous, etc.. This energy holds you back. Literally you are its slave. Why? Because it does not want you to progress and shine your light. It feeds off you. It feeds off your energy. The less you progress, the less you will help others.

If you feel that there is something that holds you back from living a happy life, finding love, if you are depress or all your endeavors end up in failure, you may need a good cleansing. It may not be you, but it may be something that is attached to you and your energy. Something, that holds you back and feeds on your anger, emotional distress, unhappiness, etc. It wants you to be unhappy, isolated so it has you and your energy all to itself.

I am meeting many people who confide in me that they have been working so hard their whole life and when they are about to reach a point of happiness, something unfortunate happens and they need to start all over. This is usually a pattern that repeats in their life for many years.

These people are usually Starseeds/Lightworkers – people with a mission (that they may not be consciously aware of yet), they have a special energy, and special abilities – I like to compare their energy to a delicious nourishing nectar:). These people are most susceptible to psychic attack, negative energy, non-human parasites, galactic implants, etc.

Also those who are going through hard times and are depressed or have addictions are easy targets for any kind of negative energy.

Despite the different kinds, as there are various kinds of negative energy, all negative energy affects your emotional body, spiritual body, and physical body. The negative energy causes the blockages in your life.

This is a life changing – intense energy workout!

Eva Marquez is currently offering both In-Person and Distant Sessions.

Once payment is received you will be contacted by Eva within 24 hours, via email, to schedule a session. Please note that Eva can make calls only in the USA and CANADA, if you live somewhere else she can assist you via Skype, or you can call her.

If you have any questions please contact Eva, and she will make every attempt to respond via email within 48 hours.

To purchase this service please click on the following link: https://www.evamarquez.org/product/implant-removal-and-cleansing-with-the-language-of-light/

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